“The secret of the Russian Soul”


Guzel Akhmetshina offers an exciting and eventful evening of entertainment. Her programme "The Secret of the Russian Soul" offers Russian folksongs, songs from the repertoire of the Red Army Choir and lyrical ballads. She also gives an introduction to the background and meaning of the songs and the culture they represent. The programme is both a capella and with accompaniment.

What started for Guzel as a search for her own roots has become a multicultural stage event of sound and colour.  "The Secret of the Russian Soul" is an authentic theatre programme full of warmth and temperament which does indeed build a bridge between East and West. . 




Guzel offers a varied programme - from world music (Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Caucasian, East European) to jazz and light swing music for dancing. This programme can be performed either with recorded music or live accompaniment. Guzel is able to perform in theatres, cultural centres, outdoor festivals, clubs, private parties and celebrations. Presentations can be in either Dutch or English.


She enjoys and welcomes a close contact with her audience.

Her electrifying presentation methods and her voice, with its amazing flexibility and range, make any appearance a feast for eye and ear.


"Guzel is not only a singer who can create a wide range of moods but an outstanding stage personality." (Dick Laning, Zwolse Courant)


"In the Weird World Vocals the Jazz/World/Impro group highlights the voice phenomenon Guzel (from Tatarstan), who can effortlessly move from soprano overtone to free improvisation." (Bimhuis Amsterdam)

                   Gypsy Jazz Show

Guzel performs with Sonnekai, the youngest generation of the Reinhardt,  Rosenberg and the Weiss gypsy families to create an enjoyable festival of swing, jazz and folk.


They are the emerging stars in the Django Reinhardt  and Stephan Grapelli musical tradition, known world wide as Hot Club de France. Sonnekai contains the most splendid jazzmusic from the years 1920 till 1950, with compositions from amongst others  Gershwin, Porter. McHugh and Chaplin, as well as unknown gypsie-jazz songs from Eastern Europe and Russia.


For this show Guzel has written special lyrics for the Django Reinhardt instrumentals. For all further information regarding the Sonnekai show follow the link below to :-


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“Wereld stemmen” - “Voices Inc “


a quintet of soloists, from the different countries:

Uruguay -                       Beatriz Aguiar

Netherlands-                  Jeannet de Jager

Caraiben-                       Steve Mariat

Portugal-                        Monica Triga

Tatarstan/Russia-         Guzel Akhmetshina





Beatriz Aguiar (Uruguay), Mónica Triga (Portugal), Jeannet de Jager (Nederland), Guzel Akhmetshina (Tatarstan). Zang en gitaar: Steve Mariat (Suriname). Piano en percussie: Anabell Febles (Venezuela). Drums en percussie:Udo Demandt (Duitsland).


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Office: +31-182631641. Mobiel: +31-655782594. e-mail:


The Mazaika Duo is a perfect, yet totally unconventional marriage of violin, accordion and voice, with performances full of fun, excitement and virtuosity, with emotional depth and musical subtlety. Igor Outkine’s fine tenor voice adds to his magical ability to turn the accordion into an instrument with both spirit and feeling. Sarah Harrison’s fingers fairly dance over the violin strings evoking every mood from deep melancholia to effervescent frenzy. Their twinkling humour, rapport with the audience and with each other gives the audience an intoxicating experience which they will not easily forget. Mazaika can take you on a troika into the heart of Russia, where you will experience the joy and sorrow of Russian folk and Gypsy music and the fiery passion of the gypsy violin. Anyone unfamiliar with the classical accordion will be stunned to hear the instrument's true versatility ­ evoking the streets of Paris or a gypsy campfire, yes, but just as easily fooling the ear by pretending to be a chamber orchestra or an organ. Guitar, Double Bass and Balalaika are sometimes added to the ensemble for this repertoire.



The beautiful Tatar songstress, Guzel van de Wolga, hails from Kazan on the banks of the great Volga river. With a natural, untrained voice, many say “angelic”, free from the encumbrances of traditional teaching methods, a broad range and distinctive timbre, Guzel  gives joyful life to swing music. Her personality, the result of a rich and traditional Russian cultural background and her own life experiences, shines through in the warmth of her stage presence, full of natural emotion, intensity and feeling. She brings to the west the “unexpected” side of old Russia, adding improvisation and colour to make her music dramatic and exhilarating.