At the age of 16 she won the first prize at a national student festival in the Soviet Union.


She was invited to tour the Soviet republics for 5 years by the Philharmonic organisation in Kazan.


She performed folk music in prestigious concerts in Kiev, Moscow and Odessa.


She also performed in musicals and Oriental projects as well.


During these 5 years she won the 2nd prize in the Soviet National Song Festival.


Since moving to the Netherlands:


Project with J. Meiborg named ‘ Oriental Tales’ consistis of songs in: Russian, Georgian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish and English.


Guest singer and presenter with the Christian Male choire Albatros in Groningen. Performed Russian Orthodox Church, folk music in various theatres and churches.


Worked for A. van Dijk Artist Bureau in Belgium.



Performed in the Theatre in Ommen with

J. Wolkamp and M. D’Hont (group NO.EX.Q=),

new age and world music, including music

from the Asian area of the Soviet Union.


Chard festival of women in music, UK 2000


Pushkin cultural centre, Antwerpen,

Belgium 2000


Organeum in Weener, Germany 2000


Jazz and improvisation music, Bimhuis in Amsterdam 2004.


Guest singer and presenter with the Byzantijns  Male choire in Drenthe. Folk music in various churches at Drenthe Nederland 2004/2005. And in 2005 on the 4e Oldambtster Musicfestival in the Old  Rheder Memory Church at Rhede Germany.


Current Activities:

Guzel is singing different  music in following programmes:


Voices Inc. - “Wereldstemmen”

“The secret of the Russian Soul With the Mazaika Duo from UK.

Gypsy Jazz with the Watty Rozenberg trio (Sonnekai).


 (You can also read about this on the music page)